Age Time
 7-11 yrs  3.30-4.30pm  Fordcombe Primary School
13-18 yrs 6-7pm Groombridge Village Hall


Age Time Venue
4-8 yrs 4.00-4.45pm Groombridge Village Hall
8-10 yrs 4.45-5.30pm Groombridge Village Hall
4-8 yrs 3.20-4.20pm Wadhurst Primary School 
9-13 yrs 4.20-5.05pm Wadhurst Primary School
10-14 yrs 5.30-6.30pm Groombridge Village Hall
15-20 yrs 6.30-7.30pm Groombridge Village Hall
Age Time  Venue
 5-11 yrs  3.20-4.20pm St Thomas Primary School (Groombridge)
5-11 yrs 3.25-4.25pm St Marys Primary School (Crowborough)


Age Time Venue
5-9 yrs 3.30-4.15pm Mayfield Primary School
9-13 yrs 5.15-6.15pm Southborough Primary School
Age Time Venue
4-8 yrs 3.30-4.15pm Langton Green Village Hall


Studio N Dance

07787 434162

Inspirational dance classes in the Tunbridge Wells area, Kent and East Sussex